Renald Fadli Viral Twitter, The Video Makes Netizens Excited

Viral47 Dilihat

ARAHSATU.COMRenald Fadli is currently going viral on Twitter, causing a stir among social media users.

Twitter is currently discussing Renald Fadli a lot, it is said that he kissed a boy.

Many are curious about Renald Fadli’s Twitter which is currently viral. Reportedly, Renald Fadli’s video has even gone viral.

Based on the information that was successfully summarized, on Twitter, Renald Fadli’s video has been spread with a duration of about 14 seconds.

The video that is suspected by Renald Fadli with a duration of 14 seconds contains a kissing scene with a man.

So now many netizens are curious about the truth of the video, is it true that this man is Renald Fadli or just looks like him.

In the video that is being circulated and is being hotly discussed by netizens, you can see a figure suspected of being Renald Fadli looking at the camera recording.

The man suspected of being Renald Fadly was seen approaching the video recording device before the video was turned off.

Many netizens concluded that the video is really similar to Renald Fadly.

Until now, his social media account seems to have restrictions on comments being made.

With the restriction on comments, no netizens can comment on and question Renald regarding viral videos similar to Renald Fadli circulating on Twitter.

Renald Fadli himself is a content creator and is also well known to many people.

Apart from creator content, Renald Fadli is also a filter maker on the Instaraga application and is widely used by Instagram users.

Until now, it has not been confirmed that the actor in the video is really Renald Fadli, who has gone viral on Twitter. So far, there has been no clarification from him.