Barquisimeto Viral Video, Contains 4 Obscene Women 6 Boys

Dunia56 Dilihat – Barquisimeto’s viral video is included in the search trend list and is being hunted by netizens around the world, Thursday (24/11).

From the information that was successfully summarized, the video contains inappropriate content to imitate.

The 4 women who molested a 6-year-old boy allegedly came from the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela, who committed an indecent act on a 6-year-old boy.

In the video that was spread on social media, it can be seen that the women are making obscene movements with their hips on the boy’s body.

The boy complained and cried over the abuse, as he was not only sexually abused, but the pressure on his body was choking him

Barquisimeto’s viral video was originally spread on the Telegram application which was uploaded by journalist Edicson Manuel.

From some information, the video began to spread on Tuesday (22/11).

In Edicson Manuel’s upload, he also suggested that residents report the incident to Tarek William Saab, Attorney General of the Republic.

Furthermore, influencer Irrael Gómez, through his Instagram account, also published a screenshot of the video and suggested to his digital community to track down a nasty woman who was filmed by someone who is of the male gender.

Hours later, Saab made its first tweet, naming Sucre’s 5th attorney to indict them.

However, after an investigation by Gómez’s followers, it was quickly discovered that the men were from Barquisimeto, Lara, and more specifically that they might have been from Las Sabilas.

For this reason, the Attorney General’s Office immediately conducted a search to arrest these women.

In addition, a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison will be requested for crimes such as frustration-grade homicide, serious injury, child sexual abuse and criminal association.